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The Conqueror (2019)

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As demons repeatedly showed up in a town at the border, Wu Jingzi sent out invitations and asked all demon-subduing masters for their support. After being saved by Meng Zhu, Ashi, a vagrant, fell in love with her and wanted her to be his master. Meng Zhu’s senior fellow apprentice Bu Weilong was also fascinated by her. The three of them, together with other demon-subduing masters, went to Yunzhan Cave to get rid of the culprit, a pig demon aged over 1,000 years. Along the way, they defeated a lot of demons and overcame all the difficulties in the way. In the end, Ashi let the others fight their way through the last pass at the cost of his own life, but the results were unexpected.

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Genre: Action, Fantasi

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