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Assassination the Queen (2019)

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The end of the Yin and Shang Dynasties, Su Shiji ordered the extermination of the generals of General Situ, who threatened himself. In order to protect the sole blood of the Situ family, the loyalists such as Gan Gan, Jiang Ziya Huang Feihu, and Bo Yi Kao concealed the escaped mother and child in the folk and named them the children. In the past ten years, the loyalists and loyalists were not afraid of life and death. They went on to carry out assassinations against Su Shi, but they frequently failed. Su Shi has found out that he is the master of the dry and other people. In prison of Jiang Ziya, persecution is better than dry. Before he died, he found a cockroach. He hoped that he could eradicate the enchanting and complete the mission of helping the Shang Dynasty to the Jiangshan community. However, at this time, the cockroach is already a cynical, love-fighting city, can you take on this responsibility? After a series of rescue operations, Yan was gradually touched by the fearless spirit of the self-righteousness of Bo’s examination and so on. He became a hero and saved the faith of the deep-rooted people. He ignited the loyalty in the blood, and could have escaped. Hey, took over the historical mission.

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